Because no 2 women flow alike

Yes, that’s what this blog is about.

Sharing photos and discussion on the different ways women’s menstrual blood flows onto their pads – specifically cloth pads. If you’re offended or not interested, then I suggest you go look somewhere else. If you are interested, welcome!

The idea of this gallery is to provide a place where women can get a better understanding of what happens on other women’s pads. Which can also be particularly useful for makers of cloth pads, who can see the variety of needs women have, and may be able to use this to provide greater coverage for customers.

If you’ve ever wondered why some women wear gigantic pads, and others only small ones? Or how some women complain about leaking all over a pad, while others can seem to bleed neatly only in the centre…. It may surprise you to know that not only do women bleed in different amounts, but women bleed in different ways too.

Several factors contribute to different blood flow patterns. The shape of the labia might have one of the biggest effects. Some women experience “channelling” – where the blood flows forward and out the front of the labia, and back out through the “crack” of the buttocks – rather than straight down. My theory is that the more “closed” the labia is, the more channelling happens. Where a more “open” labia will allow the blood to flow onto the pad more and thus cause less channelling. The more ample the bottom, the worse this problem might be, but smaller women do have this problem too.

The fabric that a cloth pad is made from can also contribute to the way the blood is distributed on the surface. “Grabby” fabrics like terry, velour and fleece can catch the blood quicker than a flatter fabric like cotton, so blood tends to spread out less with those types of fabrics. Having sewn “Channel lines” in a pad can also help to direct the flow, keeping it central.


The purpose of these galleries is to show the variation in how women bleed during menstruation. Women are asked to provide pictures of pads that show a typical pattern of their blood flow. Some of these were worn during the day, some over night, some only worn for a short time, some longer. Also some Women bleed more heavily than others. However, even with those variables, this does show that there are huge differences in the way women bleed!

The images are shown as a small preview picture, to allow those who only want a brief look to do so…. the images are also available in a larger view for those who would like more detail.


These galleries contain images of pads that have blood on them – used pads. If this offends you, DO NOT look – Simple!


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